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20 Mar 22

TAMU law watering calculator

PUB_turf_Guidelines for Mowing Fertilizing and Watering Lawns

Fertilization for Texas warm season grasses

Turfgrass establishment in Texas


  • Growing season is 6 months in West Texas, roughly April to October (last spring frost to 1st fall frost);
  • Apply 2 – 3 lbs of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 ft per year.
  • Spring fertilizer: roughly 6 weeks after last spring frost;
  • For initial application, till fertilizer into the soil with the seed.
  • Mow when grass is 1/3 to 1/2 higher than desired mowing height.

April 1: Till ground, spread fertilizer, spread seeds, water.

May 15: Apply fertilizer that is four to six parts nitrogen, one part phosphorus and two to four parts potassium (16-4-8 fertilizer).

July: Apply additional fertilizer.  Look for slow release.

October 1: Cutoff for autumn ferilizer

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16 Nov 21

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1 Nov 21

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